SnackTools is a suite of web applications designed to simplify the way you create and publish rich media widgets. Our goal is to enable you to easily create your own blog and website widgets, in a fun and effortless way. All the SnackTools apps are licensed for free with the option to pay for a few premium publishing options mainly intended for professional use. Our … Continue reading


QuizSlides are intended for quizzes that users can take anonymously. The test format is “answer until correct”; this means users can select options repeatedly until they get the right answer for each question, but one mark is deducted each time a wrong answer is selected. There is also a “Give up” option so that users may view the right answer without the risk of losing … Continue reading Quizslides

What is shopkick? There’s something about shopping we all love – the anticipation of what waits at the store, the thrill of finding something unique, or quite frankly, just a little retail therapy. Then we get out there and it suddenly all seems better in theory. We thought there should be an app for making your shopping more delightful and guilt-free. Well, you know traditional … Continue reading