QuizSlides are intended for quizzes that users can take anonymously. The test format is “answer until correct”; this means users can select options repeatedly until they get the right answer for each question, but one mark is deducted each time a wrong answer is selected. There is also a “Give up” option so that users may view the right answer without the risk of losing marks.

The marking scheme has been designed so that pure guesswork is not rewarded. In other words, someone with no knowledge whatsoever in relation to the questions would not be expected to get a positive overall score.

QuizSlides are very engaging because users get to see how well they are doing and also what the right answer is to each question as they go along. This makes them ideal for self-assessment and for fun quizzes.

QuizSlides are also a great way of marketing a product or service. With this in mind, we have created an optional contact form for inclusion at the end of your quiz so that your users can give you their names and email addresses. This is perfect for lead generation. It’s up to you to explain to your users why they should enter their details. You can provide any prompt you like up to 128 characters, such as “Enter your details to join our mailing list.”

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