What is shopkick?

There’s something about shopping we all love – the anticipation of what waits at the store, the thrill of finding something unique, or quite frankly, just a little retail therapy. Then we get out there and it suddenly all seems better in theory.

We thought there should be an app for making your shopping more delightful and guilt-free. Well, you know traditional rewards programs with plastic cards for each store. With shopkick though, you treat yourself with rewards just by walking into many stores where you already like to shop. Yup, you get rewards not just for purchase, but simply for walking in. We call the rewards points “kicks.” All you need is the shopkick app, no plastic cards. A few steps later, boom, you’re cashin’ in your treat. Free and simple.

Visit stores and get kicks. Just for walking into stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate&Barrel, Old Navy, Toys “R” Us, and your local Simon Mall. You’ll get kicks for buying stuff, too.

Treat yourself with the kicks. With just a few shopping trips, use your kicks to treat yourself to a free caffeine fix with a Starbucks latte, or just indulge in a little bit of guilt-free shopping. Like to hoard your kicks instead? No problem, treat yourself with a Coach handbag, NikeID sneakers or even a NYC shopping spree.

That’s how simple this is. Download shopkick now on your iPhone or Android phone, and treat yourself. You’ll be toasting you in no time.

If you are the owner of this site and would like to make a donation please go Here. And I thank you.


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